Monday, July 28, 2008

Voice Mail

It is often overlooked, but simple phone ettiquette is vital in the job search. Most job hunters speak to potential employers on the phone before meeting them face-to-face, so it is the first impression for many people. Thus, it can make or break your job search.

Some people prefer to never leave a voice mail message, instead calling back to try to reach a live person. Others like to leave a message after the second or third try.

If you do leave a message, make sure to follow a few simple guidelines.
Make sure that the message is professional, concise, and gets to the point immediately. Also, clearly state the reason for your call, and clearly ennunciate your name.

Leave your phone number or any other vital information twice, just to ensure that the recipient can hear it.

If the voice mail system has an option to listen to your message before it is posted, go ahead and review it to make sure that the message is intelligible and that any contact information is clearly audible.

Good luck job hunting!

Note: I'm scipting and filming this week, but a new video is coming soon...

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